Nathan LittleShot 750ML Charcoal/Black ***

$34.99inc GST

Stay hydrated on the go with this easy to hold bottle that fits the hand perfectly. The sip friendly narrow spout or the wide mouth opening allow for easy drinking and even easier cleaning. The tethered lid stays attached to the BPA free bottle.

Whether you like to sip through our narrow spout or get more water with the wide mouth, you can stay hydrated with our 750 mL bottle. The BPA free Eastman Tritan has odorless and tasteless technology so you always have fresh, crisp water.

Don’t ever let your bottle get dirty when you can hand wash. The wide mouth and narrow spout with removable silicone nozzle allows for easy cleaning.

Size 750 mL
Sip friendly narrow spout
Removable silicone nozzle for easy cleaning
Wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling
Tethered lid stays attached to the bottle
BPA free bottle
Eastman Tritan with odorless and tasteless technology


* Hand wash only
* Do not place in dishwasher
* Clean with warm soapy water
* Dry with lid removed
* CAUTION: Do no place in microwave oven
* CAUTION: Do not freeze
* CAUTION: Do not overfill

Weight 0.1400 kg
Dimensions 0.2300 × 0.0800 × 0.0800 cm

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