Shock Dr Mouthguard Ultra Braces Adult Black

$79.99inc GST

Ultra protection for athletes with braces. The Ultra Braces mouth guard outperforms conventional
mouth guards through the genius combination of adjustability and durability in one package. The
Insta-Fit Plus™ system allows athletes to mold and remold the mouth guard as teeth continue to adjust
throughout orthodontic treatment.
– Triple Layer Construction
– Convertible Tether
– Moldable and remoldable after bracket adjustment
– Boil and Bite Fit

Fitting Instructions:
1/ Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat source. Immediately place mouth guard in water for 20 seconds.
2/ Lick your lips before placing mouth guard in your mouth. Carefully place mouth guard around all upper teeth. Bite down firmly and push tongue against roof of mouth. With a strong sucking motion, draw out all air and water. Use fingers to press mouth guard tight against your gums.
3/ Rinse under cold water for 30 seconds to set.
4/ If you do not get a proper fit first time, repeat procedure above but only place in water for 15 seconds.
5/ To remove excess material that causes discomfort, you can trim your mouth guard with small scissors.

NOTE: For refitting after brace brackets are adjusted by Orthodontist place mouth guard in water for 20 seconds.


Weight 0.0700 kg
Dimensions 0.2300 × 0.1150 × 0.0300 cm

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