2nd Skin Sports Adhesive Knit 3″x5″ 6 sheets

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This highly breathable, durable non-woven fabric protection will quickly become a staple in your gym bag. Designed with a thin, bulk-free profile that can stretch and conform to protect sensitive areas against rubbing and friction. The medical-grade, latex-free adhesive has a history of staying in place while sweating or bathing. For the best performance, apply the adhesive side to clean skin. The non-woven fabric is easy to cut and customize to fit your skin’s curves. Get ahead of performance blisters and put your best foot forward with the relief of durable fabric blister protection. The Spenco Adhesive Knit Blister Protection helps prevent blisters while keeping you and your skin comfortable. With over 50 years of innovation, Spenco stands strong in its evolving history of maintaining foot health. From creating the first silicone gels for preventing ulcers to other foot health inventions, the Spenco brand breathes forward thinking so you can Love Your Feet.

• Helps prevent blisters
• Stretches and conforms to protect against rubbing and friction
• Stays in place while sweating or bathing
• Features a highly breathable, durable non-woven fabric and a medical grade adhesive. Latex free.
• Includes 6 3×5-inch sheets
• Product ID: 4132800
• Product Name: Adhesive Knit, 3 x 5 inch, 6 Sheets, Sports
• UPC: 038472094029

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