Lobster elite two Ball Machine

$4,829.00inc GST

Simulate match play with left, right, deep and short shots in a random pattern. The elite two is in a class of its own with triple oscillation. Experience match play with the only machine to combine both vertical and horizontal oscillation functions to throw balls throughout the entire court. Imagine a machine that will challenge all of your strokes while strengthening your footwork and overall fitness.
Random oscillation horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical; ball speed 10-80 mph; shot intervals 2-12 seconds; ball capacity 150; court time 4-8 hrs; battery powered; elevation electronic, 0-50 degrees; weight 44 lbs; spin top, back; 2 year warranty.
Comes with fast charger.

Weight 27.0000 kg
Dimensions 0.7800 × 0.6200 × 0.4700 cm

Available on back-order

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