SKLZ Soccer Trainer Rebound Board

$230.00inc GST

Step up your soccer game with the SKLZ Soccer Training Board, an elite soccer rebounder crafted for the dedicated player aiming for perfection. This soccer training equipment isn’t just for routine drills—it replicates real-game scenarios. Work on firm ground passes, perfect your first touch, or swiftly transition in gameplay, all with this singular tool. Its standout feature? Versatility. Flip the board to switch your training focus—whether it’s for receiving firm passes or controlling lofted ones using foot, thigh, or chest.

Versatile Soccer Rebounder: Flip the board for varied drills, from mastering firm ground passes to controlling lofted ones using foot, thigh, or chest.
Real Game-like Scenarios: This soccer training equipment is designed for true match situations, enhancing touch accuracy and rapid transitions in play.
Unrivaled Stability: This board’s unique design, a staple in soccer practice equipment, ensures steadfastness on grass or turf even after the most aggressive plays.
Precision Training: Its ideal size offers a clear target, honing players’ passing accuracy with every practice session.
Portability at its Best: Conveniently transport to and from the field, optimizing every training opportunity and ensuring readiness for the next match.

Weight 10.0300 kg
Dimensions 0.7750 × 0.2250 × 0.5700 cm

30 in stock (can be backordered)

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