SKLZ Volleyball Setting Trainer

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Volleyball requires a fusion of precision, strength, and adaptability. With this in mind, the SKLZ Setting Trainer emerges as an unparalleled tool for those seeking to enhance their skills. As a 17oz. weighted ball, it’s expertly crafted to rectify common setting challenges, ensuring players get the most out of their practice time. The ball boasts a construction of high-grade composite leather and a stitchless microfiber design, guaranteeing longevity. Its evenly distributed weight offers a consistent touch, a feature crucial for those aiming to perfect their coordination and setting finesse. But it’s more than just a practice tool. The SKLZ Setting Trainer doubles as a muscle conditioning aid, focusing on the essential muscles involved in setting. As players train with it, they’ll notice a tangible increase in power and control, especially when transitioning back to standard balls. Whether you’re a novice trying to grasp the basics or a seasoned player aiming for perfection, this volleyball trainer ensures you’re always a step ahead. By integrating seamlessly into varied drills and offering a genuine gameplay feel, the SKLZ Setting Trainer is a must-have for anyone serious about volleyball.

Weighted Advantage: Crafted as a 17oz. weighted volleyball, it’s designed to enhance control, power, and precision in every setting move.
Durable Design: Made from high-grade composite leather with a stitchless microfiber construction, ensuring longevity and countless hours of volleyball practice.
Consistent Touch: Even weight distribution across the ball provides a unique and consistent touch, perfect for refining hand-eye coordination.
Muscle Conditioning: Specially engineered to target and strengthen the essential setting muscles, enhancing both technique and power.
Versatility: More than just a volleyball trainer, it’s a comprehensive tool that integrates seamlessly into various drills, elevating every practice session.

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Dimensions 0.2100 × 0.2100 × 0.2100 cm

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