Harbinger Ab Crunch

$119.99inc GST

The Harbinger Ab Crunch delivers a simple and convenient way to target your upper body and core all with one device. The innovative design and patented shape make it easy to move from crunch to pushup or dip with one flip. The Harbinger Crunch reduces strain and supports your head, neck and shoulders so you can focus on targeting your abdominal muscles. Perform crunches comfortably and effectively. Flip over for pushups, dips and a total body workout. Perfect for all fitness levels.
Perform crunches comfortably and effectively
Flip over for pushups, dips and total body workout
Reduce strain on head and neck
Designed for all fitness levels

Weight 3.0360 kg
Dimensions 0.6400 × 0.3620 × 0.0610 cm

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