Harbinger Figure 8 Lifting Straps S/M

$65.99inc GST

Don’t let your grip hold you back. The Figure 8 Padded Lifting Straps were designed for a more secure hold so you can lift heavier and reduce grip fatigue. Built with extra wide webbing and padding on the back of wrist, these straps provide superior comfort. The Figure 8 Straps are great for deadlifts, holds, and pulling exercises. Their primary use is with a barbell, but they can work with pull up bars and other equipment. They quickly attach to a barbell for easy setup saving you several seconds every set when compared to conventional lifting straps. To put them on, simply run your hand through one loop, wrap the strap underneath the bar, and then feed your hand through the opposite loop. To grip the bar, reach inward towards your midline to maintain tension in the straps. The Figure 8 Padded Lifting Straps are designed to keep you more connected to the bar than conventional straps with the double loop construction. It is worth noting there is no quick release option. Don’t let your grip end your workout early.

Weight 0.1800 kg
Dimensions 0.2150 × 0.1100 × 0.0500 cm

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