Shock Dr Mouthguard Gel Max Power Carbon A r

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High profile comfort and protection in a low profile design. Gel Max Power features a tight,natural fit and a reinforced inner grid worthy of any sport. Power ON.
– Redesigned Monoque Chasis
– Integrated Inner Grid
– Triple Layer Technology
– MORA Performance Enhancement
– Convertibale Tether
– Gel-Fit Liner
– Boil and Bite Fit

Fitting Instructions:
1. Fill saucepan with 3 to 4 inches of water. Bring water to a boil.
2. Remove water from heat source. Let water stand for 30 seconds, then place mouth guard in water for 60 seconds. Do not exceed 60 seconds.
3. Carefully remove mouth guard from hot water with a slotted spoon.
4. Cool mouth guard under tap water for 1-2 seconds only to bring surface temperature to a comfortable level.
5. Lick your lips before placing mouth guard in your mouth.
6. Watching in mirror, line up mouth guard carefully with the centerline of upper teeth. Fit mouth guard onto and around upper teeth and press
firmly into molars first then front teeth.
7. Bring lower jaw forward and up into base of mouth guard with teeth in alignment with lower channel. Bite down hard on mouth guard, suck in strongly, and use fingers to press edges of mouth guard into teeth and gum line through lips and cheeks for 20 seconds.
8. Remove mouth guard and cool under tap water for 30 seconds. Replace into mouth and test for a good, firm fit.
9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 if fit is not accurate.


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