SKLZ Soccer Goalshot 7.31m x 2.4m

$793.49inc GST

Backed by research showing where top league goalies are scored on, the Goalshot helps players build the muscle memory and vision involved in scoring. Goalshot does things cones, targets and stand in goalies can’t do. It creates visual focus on the specific zones where players are four times more likely to score.

Builds a new focus on the zones players are four times more likely to score
Gives players max shooting reps with instant feedback
Builds the vision and muscle memory needed to increase scoring percentages
Designed to fit any frame of 7.31m X 2.4m regulation goals and sets up in minutes
Comes in its own carry bag for easy portability

Weight 7.6900 kg
Dimensions 0.3700 × 0.3100 × 0.3100 cm

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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