Harbinger Ab Carver Sport l

$86.24inc GST

The Harbinger Ab Carver Sport is one of the simplest, yet demanding ab wheels available today. Its combination of superior design, durability, and affordability is unmatched. The wide wheelbase and non slip rubber treads deliver a stable, precise movement to the user while the spring free hub increases range of motion and intensifies workout. Featuring high quality material and quick snap installation make the Ab Carver Sport a must have for any home gym or fitness travel kit.
Extra wide wheel to ensure stability allowing you to carve left, right and center
Ergonomic angled handles help increase arm activation and shoulder stability
Rugged gym quality construction and non slip rubber wheel tread
Designed for all fitness levels

Weight 0.9090 kg
Dimensions 0.1900 × 0.1900 × 0.1270 cm

12 in stock (can be backordered)

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